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Consultancy services for Vastu and Feng Shui -  Enjoy Health & Happiness, Progress & Prosperity, We provide Vastu services for residents and commercial establishments, Feng Shui consultancy Services.

We are also instrumental in providing Vastu Shastra Consultancy to our clients from different corporate houses. You will experience an unprecedented slew of success, happiness, and harmony. Your business will blossom and your interpersonal relationships and family bonding. We provide suitable price, effective and reliable Vastu, Feng Shui consultancy services on matters related to Harmony, Health & wealth. Our Vastu consultancy services are described below in detail:

Vaastu Consultation Services
For Residential Properties:
Flats, Kothi, Farm-House, Plots, Floors, Bungalow, Haveli, Societies, Colonization, Guest Houses etc.

For Commercial Properties:
Govt. Offices, Corporate Offices, Malls, Restaurants, Banquet halls, Motels, Inns, Hotels, Meeting Places, Shops, Showrooms, Hospitals, Laboratories, Nursing home, Clinic, Educational Institutions, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Theaters and Cinemas, Sports-Complex, Stadium, Auditoriums, Apartments, Factory , Recreation Clubs, Small-Medium-Large Industries, All types of Mills etc.
Feng Shui Consultation Services
Feng Shui for Office Buildings:
Move-in Consultations, New Projects, Developments, Renovations, Relocations, Annual Updates, Launching Date Selection.
Feng Shui for Business, Commercial Property:
Location Selection, Prototype Design, New Projects, Annual Updates, Design Developments, Time Selection of Grand Opening.
Feng Shui for Hospitality:
Casinos, Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Zoo and Animal Habitats.
Feng Shui for Real Estate Investors:
Residential and Commercial, Master Planning, Prototype Floor Plan, Shopping Centers, Malls.
Feng Shui for the House, Apartments, and Estates:
Move-in Consultations, Renovations, New Projects, Developments, Land Appraisal, Annual Updates, Time Selection.
Benefits of Our Consultations:
The Feng Shui Consultations  have become very popular in Chinese Vastu and Chinese Feng Shui believers, Traditional Feng Shui can be introduced at any time. However, for best results, we recommend that you start the process as early as possible particularly when you are in the design phase of your property in order to maximize the most benefits of your project’s potential.Working with a professional, experienced Feng Shui Master is a great investment that allows you excellent results quickly, saving you from wasting valuable time, energy, and resources